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How to Calibrate NI Vector Signal Transceiver
I want to calibrate NI Vector Signal Transceiver module but when I open the NI MAX I do not find any Self Calibrate button. I only have Self Test button, how I am going to do the Self Calibrate for the ...

NI Device Drivers Software Version Information
Where can I find the versions of all drivers included in the NI Device Drivers download?

Return to Default Font in LabVIEW
I am using LabVIEW and my font has changed. How can I go back to the default font in LabVIEW?

Digital Pattern Module Showing Nonzero with PPMU on Disconnected Channel
I have a PXIe-6570 Digital Pattern Instrument and am using the Pin Parametric Measurement Unit (PPMU)to measure the voltage level of a disconnected pin I am not using. I am measuring a nonzero voltage, ...

Conversion of Data from .Bfl File Leads to Wrong Results in DIAdem
I create a .bfl file in CANalyzerand want to convert defined data with DIAdem using Bus Log Converter. I defined a bus data configuration, the conversion works, but the result does not fit the results ...

Configuring LabVIEW to Generate .NET 2.0 Interop Assemblies
I want to generate an interop assembly that targets .NET 2.0, but starting with LabVIEW 2013, LabVIEW generates interop assemblies targeted to .NET 4.0 by default. How do I configure LabVIEW to generate ...

Generating a Periodic Digital Signal with NI PXI(e)
I need to generate a 1 PPS signal from my PXI(e) system to simulate a GPS signal. What kind of hardware and software would be ideal?

How Can I Connect Speakers to My PXIe Controller?
I would like to have a set of speakers to my PXIe controller, but I do not see a 3.5mm jack input. How can I connect speakers to my PXIe controller?

Can I Convert LabVIEW Express VIs to LabVIEW NXG?
I created an application in current generation LabVIEW. This application contains a few Express VIs. Can I convert this application? What will happen to the Express VI?

Error -1074395975 Occurs When Playing Specific AVI Files In LabVIEW
When I try to play specific AVI file in LabVIEW with IMAQ AVI Read Frame, the error -1074395975 occurs and I cannot play the file. How can I avoid this ?