Repair and Replacement Services

NI strives to achieve the highest level of quality in every test, measurement, and automation product it sells. Before a device leaves the factory, it undergoes rigorous testing and inspection because NI believes in its commitment to quality. However, even the highest quality equipment may need to be repaired. NI provides world-class repair and replacement services and programs to help you lower your total cost of ownership, avoid unplanned maintenance expenses, and improve uptime.

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1 Year of Repair Coverage Included With NI Hardware

With one year of repair coverage, NI restores your device’s functionality and performs firmware updates and factory calibration in adherence to NI specifications. The first year of repair coverage is included with all NI hardware, but it can be extended through a service program for hardware.

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Extended Repair Coverage

Protect your investment and avoid unplanned maintenance expenses with extended repair coverage available through service programs for hardware. With extended repair coverage, NI extends the included one-year repair coverage to three or five years.

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Advanced Replacement

Improve uptime with advanced replacement available through the Premium Service Program for Hardware. With advanced replacement, NI express ships you a replacement product within one business day of your request, so you’re up and running within five working days.

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System RMA

Eliminate hassle with system return material authorization (RMA) available through the Premium Service Program for Hardware. With system RMA, NI accepts fully assembled systems for repair or calibration services. NI also waives the No Trouble Found (NTF) fees for any product it finds to be undamaged and working per specification.

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Custom Sparing Services

For critical applications that have even higher uptime needs, NI provides custom sparing services available through a PremiumPlus Service Program agreement. NI can help manage a tiered sparing model across your installed base, including same-day shipping on regional inventory spares.

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